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dailyThis image reminds us of the innocence of the beginner and captures the mood of the adventurer.  All 72 images offer users an opportunity to create metaphors that provide insights overlooked with merely words.  Expression occur that words had not been able to capture.

Jane Kerschner, Irene Kelly, Carol Harris-Fike & Tom Hatton (our Irish colleague) met in 2005, decide to create in 2007 and launched in 2010.  Tom decide to move on to other things prior to launch.

Experiencing the power images brought to our independent coaching practices, and finding a void in the market place, JICT Images was birthed.  So what started as  a selfish desire to support the development of our own coaching practices grew into a desire to be of service to other practitioners … coaches, trainers, managers, teachers … the list of possible users is endless.

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