Trust in Self

Trust Book 2A 31 year old East Indian friend wrote in her book the question: What if every moment, situation and person in our lives offers us opportunity to see or be the guru in ourselves or in others? Natasha Dalmia just wrote to tell me that her first book was just released on Amazon: Practice of Satsang: PS: Conscious Living—Celebrating the Truth ...

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Relationships and Resistance

36-Dog and Dog StatueAgain I found a card in Beth M’s cards: Birthing Peace: Cards to Evoke Wisdom. These cards are speaking to me on almost every topic. Here is the one on relationships and resistance:

Who do I feel resistant toward? How can I create a stronger bridge of understanding with that person? The quote that goes with these questions is by Moshe ...

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Relationships That Never Were

41-Hot Air BalloonI am touched by this poem as it is about a desired relationship that never was. I wonder if we all have lived here at times and who found this person… after all?? Enjoy:

You Who Never Arrived by Rainer Maria Rilke, Translated by Stephen Mitchell

You who never arrived
In my arms, Beloved, who were lost
from the start,
I don’t ...

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The Quality of Trust

Trust bookI love this poem book personifying the quality of trust.

In the book, Trust is the daughter of Truth. She has an objective memory, neither embellishing nor denying the past. She is an ideal confidante–gracious, candid, and discreet. Trust talks to people who need to hear her; she listens to those who need to be heard; she sits quietly with those who are skeptical of words. Her presence is subtle, simple, ...

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Mindfulness Update

OprahMy next step, attention to meditation, has not been very successful. I registered for the Oprah & Deepak Expanding your Happiness 21 day Meditation (it began August 11th). I’ve received a daily prompt with the link to the meditation of the day. I started off well, however, only completed 4 days. Interesting how life gets in the way.

Meditations are short and I ...

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Man in ArchHow often do you feel the accomplishment this image depicts? My personal goal is to feel a sense of satisfaction at least once each day (more than once is better, in my opinion). For me this image depicts satisfaction.

Several years ago, especially in relation to travel / vacations, I recognized that I was rarely satisfied. Expectations were so high they could ...

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Opportunity abounds … if we can just see it

InterferenceOur beliefs interfere with our success or propel us to success; I invite you to consider which is truer for you. Consider that we can hold beliefs in one segment of our life that interfere and others that propel. Think about the areas of your life … where are you propelled and where is there interference?

What are your beliefs about:

  • Yourself
  • Relationships
  • Happiness
  • Career
  • Family
  • Money
  • Exercise
  • Anything else

What do you want to change?

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What are your limiting beliefs?

Inner VoiceHere are just a few phrases you may hear your inner critic say from time to time … or all the time. I invite you to explore YOUR inner critic voice.

Here is one way to do it. Set aside 10 minutes in a place with no distractions (that may require declaring that you will not be available to co-workers, family, etc. for ...

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What holds you back?

69-Jagged Rocks and SeaI invite you to consider this question using the image of the jagged rocks as a back drop. Notice the opening in the rocks. Do you see a narrow opening or perhaps a wide expanse? Do you see danger or adventure? Are you thinking I could never scale that or what an accomplishment I can achieve?

These are just a few ...

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How to Let Go of a Limiting Belief



Are you limiting yourself by holding onto an inaccurate belief about your abilities or limitations? Now is the time to let go of what is holding you back. Take a moment to check out this video using Byron Katie’s work. It provides some great thoughts ...

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