JICT Images Story

During their discovery phase, Jane shared a slideshow of stunning photos that her photographer husband, Chaz Kerschner, had produced.  They thought about their work with groups and individual clients who struggle with getting in touch with what they really care about and recognized the power of images to evoke deep, emotional thoughts from the heart.  The foursome knew they were on to something when every time they played with images with friends, colleagues, and clients, the results were amazing.

JICT story 1“Being on to something” and “making it happen” are two very different things.  How many great ideas have been left on the drawing room floor?  Naiveté about what was involved, delight with working together as a team, and a really dynamite idea kept the team going.  They spent over a year in creation, choosing 72 powerful images from the collection of Chaz Kerschner and Carol Harris-Fike’s personal international collection.

The next step was creating the “just right” question for each image that would touch the soul and inspire a remarkable response.  The challenge:  more questions than images!  The many powerful questions that would have  been abandoned were included in a manual and offer variations for use with all images.  The manual serves as a springboard enabling users to discover creative ways that images serve those with whom they work and play. You might say the creative process felt like this image from the collectionJICT story 2—expansive, fulfilling, and enlightening.

Generating the tool was the fun part, but there was so much left to do!  Starting an LLC, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing each presented a huge learning edge and challenge.  Oh yes, and if it were to be viable … SALES!  Carol, Jane, Irene, and Tom persevered through endless conversations over an entire year.  One such conversation focused on a name for the tool.

JICT story 3In case you hadn’t guessed, JICT represents Jane Irene Carol Tom, but that wasn’t very exciting.  Another brainstorm … what words might each letter represent that would be relevant, that captured the essence of the product?  The magic continued … Journey with Intuition and Creativity to Transformation.  This message rang dear for us all.  As ontological coaches we are all about “transformation” … the images reveal amazing things that words often cannot express and support transformation.  Finally, the baby was birthed in August 2010 … all three felt like they had reached the summit!

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