DE-Cluttering your world

flyladyI happened upon “fly lady” recently and appreciated her simple and methodical process for de-cluttering. Her suggestions are intended for our space, our stuff. As I read the simple steps and her process, it occurred to me that this same process is very beneficial when applied to our thoughts.

I offer my version of her process (applied to our thoughts) here:

NOTE: Adapted from FlyLady’s process … for de-cluttering thoughts

Ask yourself the following questions as you examine the thoughts that create “clutter”:

  • Do I love this thought?
  • How has it supported me in the last month?
  • Is this thought really garbage? True or false? A narrative that I’ve created?
  • What other thought would serve me better?
  • How much do I need it?
  • What do I lose if I change it? What does that loss provide?
  • How does it crate guilt and or sadness?
  • How does its sentimental value support or entrap me?
  • What new thought / mantra will serve me?

Cleanse your thoughts of everything that does not make you smile!

If you don’t love it, get rid of it; release it so you can thrive!

Deciding to make a change is different than making it … be sure to ask for help from trusted friends, family or colleagues to support you. Or consider exploring work with a professional such as a coach!


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