Thoughts Can Clutter Too

beating heartLast week I received a text from my son saying his friend had just received some very bad news and was in crisis. He was leaving work early to be with her. I can be over empathetic and take on the emotions of others too easily. The rest of the day I kept reliving the story and feeling her emotions. That night I awakened several times and immediately relived the story. Finally, I asked if this old habit was serving anyone… my son’s friend or me? Then I thought about different practices I offer my clients so I could pick one that might serve me to let this story go. I settled on the simplest one…. Feel your Heart Beat for 60+ seconds. For me, it is easier said than done. To truly feel your heart beat without taking your pulse, you have to be very present and let all thoughts go so you can concentrate on feeling it beat and count the beats. It began to work. When I fell into that story that wasn’t mine, I would get very still until I could feel my heart and then count. At first, it was very hard… maybe get to a count of 10. Over time I got to the 60 mark and by then the story was falling away. I wonder if this would work for you? Post a comment and let me know.


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