Getting Untangled

5-Dried SeaweedWhat has you tangled? How can you get untangled? Ever given these questions much thought? I used these questions as the focus of a recent reflection. My experience was revealing! I became aware that paper has me tangled. You might ask how can that be?

I’ve become a lover of technology and realized that information filed in my computer creates much less clutter than the papers in file drawers. The awareness motivated me to toss, purge and shred. I made a commitment to myself to let go of papers that have me “tangled” by the end of January. My plan is to work on a six (6) files per week through January 31, 2015. That should remove several reams of paper from my office. I feel less tangled just for having set that intention! My next reflection may be centered on my computer files!

I invite you to consider these two questions, record your response and share it with us and our readers.        



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