Ebbs and Flows

15-Ocean Ebb at Night-ACWhere are you in the ebb and flow of living? As you ponder that question, what emotion surges?

People at different ages may respond very differently to that question. Folks in different stages would have very different responses … someone who just celebrated birth vs. another celebrating life at the time of a death for example. Other life changes would also elicit different responses … a job change, a geographical move, a new home.

Life truly does ebb and flow; like the ocean, there are highs and lows. A key lesson that I have learned d is that while we tend to relish the highs, there are lessons in both the ebb and the flow … we must choose to see them. Many times we label the highs as “good” and the lows as “bad”. What might happen when we remove the labels and accept both as equally valuable?

When I assign equal importance to both the highs and lows, I’m moved to acceptance and joy. I become lighter and freer; heaviness of the “bad” low disappears. I’m committed to noticing how each ebb and flow, high and low contributes to a full and rich life! How about you?


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