Color, Sepia or Black & White?

68-Pier-SepiaA question attached to this image reads, “where are opportunities to bring color into your life?” The question could imply that color is preferable than the tone of the picture. Considering that brought to mind how we are so quick to put things in buckets, attach labels and make columns.

A few other questions surfaced for me. Where are the places I WANT color in my life? Where does the reddish brown known as sepia lend richness to my world? How does black and white open my eyes to a different perspective?

Taking this a bit deeper, I wondered how color clutters my world. Might sepia or black & white allow for more simplicity? Finally, I made a note to reflect on this and specifically how choosing each of these in different areas of my life support clutter or the reverse … I’m in a de-cluttering mindset these days.


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