Cleanup the Clutter

buckWe just returned from a hike up the mountain on our ranch. In case someone doesn’t know, mule deer shed their antlers in the spring. I learned recently (since buying the ranch) that when you find one of the antlers it is called “finding a shed”. Last week my husband, Rich, found one… and this afternoon I found one. It seems to be the male deer clean up the clutter on their heads for the summer and we are cleaning up the forest clutter when we gather them. Both sheds are sitting on a ledge leading into our living room. This morning we watched an older buck “play fighting” with 2 young bucks by bumping antlers. Guess we might get to cleanup more forest clutter next spring… I want to find this big buck’s antlers because he is such a beautiful creature. (There’s no hunting of deer in our neck of the woods so he should make it through the winter.)


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