Mindfulness Update

OprahMeditation has been somewhat sporadic Oprah & Deepak Expanding your Happiness 21 day Meditation is complete; I was only mildly successful. I did not keep my promise to myself to participate daily, however, I am celebrating that I engaged at all. This was a reminder that practice makes progress … I long ago let go of the “perfect” label. I’m interested in progress.

My heightened awareness of the value of meditation increased my attention to mindfulness. I continue to spend times regularly on focused reflection and intend to continue to develop this “mindfulness muscle”. That’s progress in my book. A belief I hold and a huge piece of learning for me was that what I focus on expands. I was distracted and did not place deliberate focus on meditation. While I intended to include it on my calendar, I never did.

I’m still on a path to make it a more regular practice. While Oprah and Deepak are not part of the picture any more, I have calendared mediation twice a week for the next month. My guess is that will make a difference.   If you meditate, what ideas or suggestions can you offer to make meditation a regular practice?


One place of identified progress … most days, I am totally MINDFUL while brushing my teeth … now a totally mindful experience. I declare progress!


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