Mindfulness Update

OprahMy next step, attention to meditation, has not been very successful. I registered for the Oprah & Deepak Expanding your Happiness 21 day Meditation (it began August 11th). I’ve received a daily prompt with the link to the meditation of the day. I started off well, however, only completed 4 days. Interesting how life gets in the way.

Meditations are short and I find that meditation really increases focus and productivity. It really does inspire ease and joy; it is nurturing. And while I promised myself that I would “calendar” the practice daily for 21 days, I did not follow through on that promise.

So, I began to wonder what limiting belief interfered with my plan? All kinds of excuses come up. I did have family in town right in the middle of the 21 days which meant I was on “stacation”; I was barely looking at my daily calendar. In retrospect, I suppose it was not an ideal time to start a new practice.   And still what else is in the way? What are the things that I hold true that may derail instituting a new practice? I’m holding that question for reflection with the intention to finish the meditation sessions starting August 27th… I’ll have 6 more days.

I plan to notice what beliefs may arise that are limiting my daily practice.


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