Building Community

25-String on RollI am constantly amazed by how images “get people to the heart of the matter”. I am part of a new group forming to support philanthropic community organizations with donations. A group of 6 women who were new to each other or only knew each other minimally.

Everyone was excited when I invited them to use an image as part of introductions. We each chose an image blindly and shared how it spoke to the reason this idea resonated. Amazing how easily people moved to a deep place … we got to know each other quickly at a deeper level than just a name, address and organization.

A bench in the snow prompted someone to recognize how “gathering” would not only financially support local organizations but also build a stronger sense of community. A rainbow over a canyon inspired the idea that while sometimes we seem alone in the vastness, like the rain and sun create a rainbow, our coming together will generate hope.

The pistons in a flower represented how it takes a seed to grow something … we’re ready to plant the seeds of support. A member who chose an image of a single hawk flying noted that space is open … we have limitless possibilities, the sky’s the limit … we will soar … so will our community.

Probably the most powerful image was a simple ball of string. It spoke to us as a reminder that there is always a thread that weaves us together. The thread in this case are the women around the table who have a heart for giving, a willingness to support and a desire to build a deeper sense of community.


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