An Opportunity for a New Relationship

An Opportunity for a New Relationship

The media has recently carried several stories involving children being abused; it is regrettable. My youngest son and his wife had their first baby in September … what a wonderful bundle of joy. While I have two other grandchildren, the birth of the third was just as special as the first. Our first meeting was a reminder of the miracle that is birth and the innocence of this little bundle.

As I held little Connor, I could not help but wonder how anyone can intend anything but the desire to build a relationship with a little innocent child. As I met his gaze and rocked him, I absorbed the magic in my arms. I noticed each special feature, each slight movement and each unique gesture this little boy made. I could not help but image the time we will spend together as he grows, rocking in the nursery, encouraging his first smile and playing in the park.

What a delight to be a grandmother; to hold the future on my arms! What magic! What magic have you experienced in the last month?


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