What are your limiting beliefs?

Inner VoiceHere are just a few phrases you may hear your inner critic say from time to time … or all the time. I invite you to explore YOUR inner critic voice.

Here is one way to do it. Set aside 10 minutes in a place with no distractions (that may require declaring that you will not be available to co-workers, family, etc. for that time). Take out a pad, or your journal, and make a list of all the things that you hear your inner critic say (take no more than 5 minutes to record them). Once you have that list, record all the things you hear your inner champion say.

Record your responses to the following questions:

  • Which list is longer?
  • Which phrases do you hear more often?
  • What phrases do you want to eliminate?
  • What ones do you want to encourage / adopt?
  • What phrases do you want to replace?
  • Who has the upper hand, the inner critic or inner champion?

What is next for you?


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