Man in ArchHow often do you feel the accomplishment this image depicts? My personal goal is to feel a sense of satisfaction at least once each day (more than once is better, in my opinion). For me this image depicts satisfaction.

Several years ago, especially in relation to travel / vacations, I recognized that I was rarely satisfied. Expectations were so high they could never be met. I began to notice that I’d come home from a trip and feel empty. Of course, there can be a certain let down after any exhilarating experience. However, due to self-exploration and working with my coach, I realized that the letdown is minimized and often missing when declaring what will satisfy.

I started by declaring satisfaction about travel and little by little applied it across the board to my life. (Just to be totally transparent, I sometimes forget or overlook declaring satisfaction.) Give this a try! Before striking out on an adventure, a new class or merely a new day, declare what will satisfy you. It may be to uncover something new you learned on the adventure, to stay alert for the entire class or to complete half of your “to-do” list for the day.

I suggest you will be amazed how different things are when you are intentional about what brings you satisfaction. Feel free to record your experiences here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for other activities to increase your satisfaction.


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