What obstacles inhibit Opportunity?

62-Rainbow over Grand CanyonFrom prior articles, you will remember that I believe that we always have a choice, that our thoughts generate our reality and that we can make shifts once we are aware. Even with all that, we can still encounter difficulties. Proof positive is a situation I encountered in a restaurant.

I had arranged for a group of friends to attend a concert and dinner prior. I made a reservation at the restaurant several weeks in advance and confirmed it a few days prior. We arrived at the restaurant just before the confirmed time to learn that they did not have our reservation. Through a re-check, the staff acknowledged that they had made a mistake and overlooked the reservation. Since time was an issue due to attending the concert, we very little wiggle room. The manager was called to deal with this difficulty, acknowledged our time constraint and offered to find a solution.

While one of my friends was incensed and would have opted to rake the staff over the coals, I agreed to allow the manager to find a solution. He found us a spot at the bar (not ideal with 6, however, a place that we could gather) and invited us to order drinks, compliments of the establishment while he tried to locate a table. Once we were situated and ordered, he informed us that even with his best attempt, he did not have table for us that would meet our timeline.

He did have a solution, however, and informed us that food and drinks were on him now and invited us to return after the concert for our meal, his treat. Not only that, the wait staff diligently checked with us encouraging us to order additional drinks and food with no limits. Before we left, the manager urged us to return later (and asked for our assent) so that he could make up for the difficulty; we agreed.

Upon our return, our table was waiting and we were invited to order anything we liked from the menu. We were treated royally, offered wine and sincere apologies for the mistake. In addition, we were each given a $50 gift card to return to the restaurant. This man knew how to handle difficulty … and, I believe, so did I. I truly believe that acknowledging that difficulties arise and accepting apologies from the staff generated the positive energy that turned the difficulty to an opportunity for both the restaurant and us.



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