The Vacation Break

20-Carnival Ride

I’ll have more on this topic next month; I’m going to the Jersey Shore for a week the end of July. I grew up at the beach in New Jersey and try to visit every couple of years. While I have fond memories of my childhood, once I left my home town to go to college in the northern part of the state, I never lived there again.

I knew that I wanted to live in a more vibrant environment and that I wanted to be closer to what a city has to offer culturally. This image is a reminder of the FUN we had as children…the Wildwood board walk is like none other. I grew up with what is somewhat comparable to Disney World (minus Mickey Mouse) about 4 blocks away.

As a young child, the beach was our daily routine. As we got older, we worked so the beach was a part of our day depending on schedule. Growing up in a seasonal location meant taking little advantage of what the town had to offer. I enjoy returning to my roots to remember and to take a much needed break. Summer at the shore is very easy going when you visit.

Where do you go to remember, relax and reflect?


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