Opportunity abounds … if we can just see it

43-Old TruckThe image of this old truck could represent deterioration, uselessness or hopelessness. To a client recently, it offered inspiration … the power of images is limitless. In her case, this image allowed her to express that her life was in disarray and not as she wanted it to be. Choosing this image allowed her to articulate things that had been buried so deeply she was not even aware they were present.

As a result of a broken down truck, she was moved to awareness (and tears) that at the present time her professional role was a drain. Acknowledging dissatisfaction with her current position caused her to examine how things may be different which led, rather quickly, to realizing that she had opportunities all around her. She had been so bogged down by the myriad of issues in her present role that she could not see other opportunities. The broken truck inspired her to consider the value of rebuilding.  

 At the completion of a coaching session, she had a plan to explore options. Within a few days, she sent an email sharing that the broken down truck had been her savior. She realized that lack of appreciation and feeling under-valued was at the core of her discontent with her current employer. The career she had built had value and was worth salvaging; she was ready to rebuild and was in the search for a place she would feel valued and appreciated.

Who would guess that a broken down truck could inspire so much wisdom?


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