Mindfulness Update

61-Pier at DuskI continue to work at it…this month I experienced a setback. I have been far less attentive to my intended meditation. This reminds me that what we focus on increases; without focus, I’ve regressed. My attention has been elsewhere, my days have been less structured, I’ve had “play time”…my granddaughter’s ballet classes, some volunteer commitments moved me off track and I did implement some new physical activities.

I’m committing to reengage; I want to be more present. I want the benefit I experience when I spend time with my soul and quiet my mind. I’m back to the drawing board. I know that creating a new habit takes at least 30 days (I’ve been at this for 60, now).  Some experts believe it takes 90 days (seems that is true for me). Watch for the next installment!

What new practice do you want to become a habit in this next month?


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