Mindfulness Update

OprahI continue to work at it … this month was a great opportunity to practice mindfulness … I was on vacation, visited friends and then spent a week at the Jersey Shore (where I grew up) with family. While I cannot say I engaged in dedicated meditation, spending time on the beach moved me to a meditative state. I am happy to say that I took advantage of the opportunity.

What did happen for me was paying deliberate attention to responding vs. reacting. I bet many of you can relate to how when we re-engage with our family of origin, old patterns surface. My awareness of this was heightened and, I can honestly say, I was intentional and responded rather than reacted. On several occasions, it would have been quite easy to engage in ways I did in childhood … I chose to refrain because my former ways would create conflict that would not be productive.

Mindfulness was top of mind in the last couple of weeks. I paid close attention to old triggers and chose not to allow them to incite me. I chose my responses and did not react, as I would have in the past. I noticed the family dynamics at work and rather than stepping into the drama, opted to be an observer.

The time with friends and family was very satisfying; it filled me up and reminded me that I am blessed with so many special people in my life. I’m happy to share that mindfulness served me well because it allowed me to be present, respond not react and savor special time.

And now for my next step … more attention to meditation. I registered for the Oprah & Deepak Expanding your Happiness 21 day Meditation (it began August 11th … you can still register). I’ll receive a prompt each day in my inbox. Meditations are short and I am using this as a prompt to set aside time, daily, nurturing my soul and quieting my mind. What I’ve realized in the last three months is that I must schedule this like other things in my life or it does not happen. Let’s see how this works for me!
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