Difficulty or Opportunity … Defined

70-Kite in TreeThis image of a kite tangled in a tree offers a visual insight into the distinction between difficulty and opportunity. The dictionary defines difficulty as “a thing that is hard to accomplish, deal with, or understand; a situation that is difficult or dangerous”. Opportunity is defined as “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something, a good chance for advancement or progress”.

Looking at the kite we have a choice about whether we see difficulty or opportunity … follow my thinking here for a moment. When we think about freeing the kite, we may go to “hard to accomplish or dangerous” which presents the situation as difficulty. On the other hand, we may go to something that is possible, a chance for progress which presents opportunity.

In a tangled situation which way do you go? Is it a difficulty or an opportunity? Our thoughts really do create our reality!
Which do you want to choose when you encounter tangled situations? May this be a reminder! Visit our blog to see how images take us to a place of deeper meaning.


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