Choosing “Opportunity”

63-Bird Nest in TreeChoice” is a most ignored option, in my opinion. I can think of so many times I have heard someone actually say, “I have/had no choice in the matter”. What so many people fail to realize is that we ALWAYS have a choice. Many of these same folks feel that there is no choice because they feel trapped.

What can truly trap us? In reality, it is only the judgments, perceptions, beliefs we have that can. Think about this … if you feel trapped in a job, a relationship, a situation, what prevents you from moving to a new place? Choosing a different opportunity? Actually, it is likely a judgment, a perception or belief of difficulty that keeps us trapped. Thinking that no matter how bad something is no alternative can be better. There is nothing farther from the truth.

Let’s take the example of feeling trapped in a job. Often that trap is tied to seniority, pay or benefits. We cannot imagine leaving a job without another. If we move to a new place, we lose our seniority, we will not collect a pay check, benefits cease. While all that may be true, that constitutes difficulty thinking. We have a choice … to shift to opportunity thinking.

Shifting to opportunity thinking means accepting that the loss of seniority will be replaced by something more valuable, that a new and more desirable position will show up, that equal or greater compensation and benefits will be attached to the new position. Once in the opportunity mode, we generate positive energy that supports us to take positive action.

By the way, none of this happens without action. However, allowing ourselves to be trapped generates negative energy that creates resistance; resistance impedes choice. Freeing ourselves generates positive energy that creates acceptance; acceptance fuels choice.

Allow yourself to brainstorm (remember brainstorming has NO limitations so remove all the factors that may interfere with generating new ideas … money, people, lack of anything … in brainstorming ALL is possible). Think about what you are resisting right now … a REAL situation for you. Now, brainstorm what is possible if you allow all impossibilities to be removed. (This is only an activity so play with me here.) What happened to resistance? If you are TRULY in the brainstorm mode, (no, really TRULY), possibilities are limitless, the “trap door” is opened.

What keeps us trapped (and feeling as if we have no choice) is our thoughts. Once we are open to consider possibilities (new thoughts) we can (if we choose) relinquish the resistance and choose a different way, a new option, the life we dream. How ready are you to choose different thoughts and relinquish resistance? Where is the first place you will apply this practice


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