Breaking from the Typical

51-Painted CowA high school teacher was fascinated by how images increased student engagement. She saw such great benefit she used the images at the start of each term to help students set goals for the class.

At the start of the term, she picked an image and asked “What about that image shows something you care about?” Students shared their response with two different neighbors. She followed this with, “What about that image shows a concern you have about this term?” Students again shared and rotated.

After the individual sharing, each student shared their name, their image, and answered either question with the class. What happened was a “bonding” among the class; students got to know each other at a deeper level. Articulating care and concern helped students reflect on outcomes for the class and set goals…the next step for each student. At scheduled times in the term, a check in helps students assess progress – a great way to encourage responsibility for learning.

As a result of stating care and concern as well as setting goals, student performance overall in the class was much better. Who knew images would impact student performance?


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