Leaders Hang Differently

Leaders Hang Differently

When I look at this picture I notice the purple tulip hanging out away from the others. To be a leader sometimes takes the courage to be different or to say something that may cause the others to grumble… complain… or, at first, say No Way. I was an elementary school principal for 10 years and felt like the purple tulip at times. As the keeper of the big picture for all of the students I could sometimes see that it would serve to change how we did things as a staff. Teachers work very hard and are focused on their classroom of students so they don’t always see what would serve everyone the best. (I agree that they should do what is best for their students AND I know sometimes that won’t serve the class next door!) My first year I ideally thought we could all agree at once. By the 10th year I developed skills to bring everyone along by listening more carefully to all opinions… but I still hung just far enough away from the group to be able to say what needed to be said.


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