Lead Yourself with BQ (Body Intelligence)

Lead Yourself with BQ (Body Intelligence)

I led a seminar recently that I called Body Intelligence. I shared what I have learned personally and through my clients on how much wisdom our bodies have and that we can access this information easily. We have many sayings such as my heart hurts, I feel a knot in my stomach, etc. All of these are not only real; they provide a great deal of information to us that we can use to make decisions of what to do next.

I shared an example from my coaching: A year ago I was working with a client who had some concerns abut a new job she was about to begin. She listed 3 options she had in how she approached this position. I asked if she would like to see what her body could provide as information as to which path to take. She closed her eyes and I led her through a body scan. It was amazing what different reactions her body had to each option. I asked her to close her eyes and go forward in time 6 months with each option one at a time. For option 1 her eyes twitched, her heart beat faster, her stomach was in knots. For option 2, she was slightly calmer but still a bit tight. For option 3 her eyes were relaxed, she felt her throat open so she could speak, her heart felt light and happy, etc. After the 3 “future” explorations, I asked questions about what the signals from her body were telling her. She made no decision at the time other than to gather more information and to continue to scan her body for “advice”. Based on her BQ she made some choices that served her well over time.


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