Infinite Energy

July Blog images 3Infinite Energy is chapter 3 of Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul: the journey beyond yourself. Singer’s message refers to how little we, in the western world, pay attention to our inner energy. We spend an inordinate amount of time attending to our thoughts, we often exhaust energy in the quest to manage our thoughts.

The reason we often feel depleted is that the energy expended attending to our thoughts can close our heart, our major energy source. While we have an abundance of energy within, we block it when we shut down. As long as we allow our heart to remain open, energy flows. Once we shut down the love, we close off our energy.

I invite you to notice what closes down your heart. It may be a comment from someone that feels like a strike to you.  it may be negative self-talk that you believe. Or it could be rejection from someone you treasure. Notice, too, what is in your scope of awareness when your heart closes. Do you want to react or respond? If respond is your choice, you may want to choose energy … what will empower you to open your heart?


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