Freedom’s Associations

freedom-exitInteresting how we have very significant assessments about things. Take the word “freedom.” In the USA, anyway, freedom implies something to do with our governmental status, our ability to say and do what we want, our opportunity to move between socio economic groups … and I could go on.

What does freedom imply outside the “governmental” realm? Think about it for a moment. I’d love to hear what came to you before you read on.

For me the word most closely related to the government connection is liberty; freedom applies in so many other places. As I pondered my own associations re freedom, several things outside the structure of government appeared. Self-determination is a synonym … for me that means creating my future, my reality. Another is choice (often we refer to “freedom of choice”). Choice is also a synonym of freedom so the phrase is actually redundant. Choice reminds me that I have options and while most of the time I am fully aware of that, there are times when I feel choice-less.

So, now I’m really curious … what came to you re freedom once you let go of the government connection (if you ever had that one)?


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