Freedom to Meditate

61-pier-at-duskRemember my post from last month about my intention to mindfulness? That was a great example of “freedom” … the freedom to choose to be mindful or not. My intention went as follows:

  • Definitely MORE mindful … I love it! I realized that being in the moment increases time, really. At the end of each day that I was particularly mindful ( and, in the spirit of full disclosure, there were only a few), I was so much more peaceful, things (like traffic and weather) had not been as bothersome as they were on other days and I felt much more fulfilled.
  • Definitely not a HABITUAL meditator … while I was successful about 5 days during the month, meditation has not become routine for me.
  • Definitely continuing down this path! The benefit was so great and the peace was so cherished that I intent to continue to build my mindfulness muscle!

And, I have the freedom to or not! I’m choosing to! Want to join me in the journey? Please let me know so we can journey together.


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