Youth and Leadership

52-Swan and ChicksOne of my favorite projects is facilitating a high school mentor program. Each year I am awed as I LITERALLY watch students blossom and emerge to become leaders. Students begin believing that because of age they need to wait for adults (mentors) to take the lead. They leave empowered to take initiative, to ask for responsibility, to be leaders. Many adults even admit that they were naive about a mentoring relationship and often waited for a mentor to take the lead. TDMP students leave with a clear sense of the dynamics of a mentoring relationship.

I have the good fortune to share the responsibilities (the mentee takes the lead) and support and encourage them to step from the comfortable into the uncomfortable to a NEW comfortable. It is so rewarding to see leaders develop through the process. While things sometimes begin slowly, as students understand their role, leaders develop. The naïve little chicks shed the fur and develop feathers which eventually molt and they grow into confident adults.

Could anything be more rewarding than watching young people thrive? What experiences can you share about youth growing into leaders?  


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