Practicing Mindfulness

61-Pier at DuskI believe that what we focus on expands … where we put out attention increases.   What we are attracted to depends on where we place our attention. In working with a few coaching clients recently, I have been led to inquire about self-care, stepping back, taking stock. Most of us take little time for that and when suggested, resist “down time”. I can honestly say that while I am not proud of it, I can include myself in the “resistance to down time” group.

In 2013 I adopted responding vs. reacting as my intention for the year … that takes some “down time”. I was only moderately successful and so adopted that as my intention for 2014 AGAIN! What will it take for me to embrace it?   For me daily meditation was the answer. And, I have been much less than a daily meditator.

I’m finding it fascinating that for over a year, my intention has been responsiveness vs. reacting, that

  • I’ve been offered at least 3 guided meditation opportunities … have only been partially engaged in any
  • Been invited to hear people speak about mindful leadership … took the message to heart though not into action
  • Attracted coaching clients whose interest in change relates to this as well.

Umh! The Universe if definitely speaking to me … it seems I have not been fully listening. Starting today, I attend to more mindfulness on a daily basis. I’ve adopted this image as reminder of my commitment. I’m posting it on my bathroom mirror. I’m grateful for this awareness. I offer my clients similar options frequently. I’m happy to be practicing it myself. There I put it out there … I’ll report back in a few weeks.


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