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MINDFULOne of my other recent encounters concerning mindfulness was attending a session facilitated by Dr. William D. BrendEl, an associate professor of Organizational Learning & Development at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. Dr. Brendel blends transformational learning theory and mindfulness practice to support organizations to thrive.

I so appreciated his ability to merge the ways of the East and the West in sharing the “Return on Awareness”. I was struck by his simple yet profound differentiation of the “way of being” for Easterners and Westerners. Easterners way of being is grounded in AWARENESS; Westerners in EXISTENCE. WOW! It made me focus back to my intention to attend to being mindful … to clearing my mind … to downtime’s value … to meditation.

My wish for many years has been to thrive not merely survive. If I extrapolate Bill’s distinction and accept that I am most influenced by the western ways, I play mostly in the “existence” realm. I want to play more in the “awareness” realm. I define existence as surviving NOT thriving. I’m recommitting myself to daily meditation with the intention to move more deliberately into the awareness realm.

Watch for more on “Return on Awareness (ROA)”, mindfulness, purposeful attention in future posts.


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