Mindful Leadership

Institute-for-Mindful-Leadership-logoMy life purpose is connecting people, ideas and resources … I’m a connector! While articulating that is more recent, I’ve known that at my core most of my life. I can remember as a child making sure all the kids were connected … remember playing hide and seek and feeling badly for the one person who remained hidden until last … I wished for all of us to be connected. Isn’t it interesting what we know and yet cannot articulate?

I have recently been focusing on “mindfulness” – not surprising since I have had the opportunity to hear two awesome speakers on the topic of mindful leadership.   What happens when we practice and become more mindful is that we build our capacity for focus, clarity, creativity and compassion … the fundamentals of leadership excellence according to Janice Marturano. I encourage you to take four minutes to hear her explanation … more about this in coming posts.


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