Leadership … more about relationships than characteristics

murphy logoI think it is said that there are more books written on the topic of Leadership than almost any other single topic. I’ve read many of them. In recent months, I am pleased to see so many folks speak about leadership in more personal ways. While it is relevant to account for the “theoretical” traits of leadership, for me the important aspects are those that involve relationships.

Richard Murphy, CEO, Murphy Warehouse, a family-owned, full-service supply chain logistics, rigging and property company in Minneapolis, MN, recently wrote about the personal qualities of leadership. Included in his list were strong people skills, empathy and life-long learning. While leaders must be attentive to goals, results and bottom line, too many times tasks and actions supersede attention to relationships.  Without the people (the relationships) the goals cannot be achieved, there will be no results and the bottom line will be an empty one.

Statistics show that people leave positions because they do not feel valued or supported; they leave because of people. I’m happy to see more focus around leadership on the personal side of things. Honing the personal side of leadership will positively impact results and bottom line. What leaders in your experience have placed significant focus on relationships?   Richard proudly reports an almost zero turnover rate at Murphy Warehouse. That says something positive about the culture … and the leadership!


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