The secret is out!

arm wrestleSeveral weeks ago, my youngest son and his wife invited me for dinner.  I tried to decline … it had been a full week and I was grateful to have a night at home.  They insisted even though I had seen them just a few days prior.  I enjoy spending time with them so, in the end, I agreed … the arm twisting was really minimal.   Was I ever glad I allowed my arm to be twisted; I was in for a surprise!  They wanted to tell me in person that I would be a grandmother in September.

Of course I’m thrilled; they will be great parents!  Life events like marriages, births and deaths are catalysts for reflection for me.  Becoming a grandmother (Gma is my real name given by my first grandchild, now 5) takes that reflection to a new level.  The realization that my own children are parents seems impossible.  How did those little boys become men so quickly?  I am constantly amazed by what incredible young men they have become.  How did they learn so much about life?

When I realize the role I played in parenting, I am honored to think that the lessons I passed on have contributed to the solid foundation of these new families.  Then I quickly realize that I’m the family elder … and am now sharing lessons with the children of my children.  How could that have happened?  Realizing the influence I have reminds me that what I model impacts the younger generation.  I’ve always believed that children learn more from what they see than what they hear so I’m committed to paying attention to my behavior, my language and my actions.

My commitment to be a model for my grand kids:

  • Avoid judging others
  • Share appreciation and gratitude as often as possible
  • Give other drivers a break
  • Remind each child of her/his uniqueness and the contribution they are privileged to make
  • Shower them with love and affection in words, deeds and actions

What is your commitment to the next generation?



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