Ready, Set, Go!

Ready, Set, Go!

We are at the beginning of the second quarter of 2014.  In business the “quarters” often indicate a time to “check in” on goals, quotas, results.  How about personally?  How would you benefit from a “check in”?  What are you “checking in” on?  It may be resolutions for the new year, personal goals that you set or if you are on track to achieve the results you want this year.  Or maybe it’s time to establish (or re-establish) resolution(s), set a goal(s) or decide what results you want in 2014.  Ready, Set, Go!

Isn’t’ it interesting that while many of us set benchmarks in our professional life, fewer of us do personally?  How do we expect to get what we want if we have neither decided what it is nor created a plan to get it?  I shared a few months ago that I stopped making resolutions years ago and opted for setting intentions.  For me, it’s time to check in on the intentions set.  Mine was BOLD … same as 2013 because I felt room for more growth in that area.   As I check in on myself during the first quarter, I can say I have been BOLD in several places personally and professionally.

I also decided to utilize a format that I learned from a colleague that suggests making one yearly resolution. It is:  “Each month take an inspired step that comes to you intuitively.”  While BOLD has been at the forefront this year, “inspired intuitive steps” have not.  Part of the second quarter (in the USA, anyway) includes celebrating Mothers and Fathers.  I am going to employ “inspired intuitive steps” to celebrating my two children and two (soon to be 3) grandchildren and their families in the coming quarter… and beyond.

So there is my check in … I’ll let you know how I do in a future post.  And, I invite you to share how “inspired intuitive steps” may benefit you.


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