Pay Attention to “Mother Earth” on April 22

31-Dark LakeSince we’re on the subject of parents, children, families, it bears reminding that we pay particular attention to Mother Earth at this time of year.  Earth Day is April 22 in 2014!  How do you celebrate?  Since I am an elder, I carry memories from “olden” days.  As a child, I recall a “no littering” campaign … used to be that people thought nothing of leaving trash in parks and playgrounds.  I remember being a champion for not littering, urging my parents to help by picking up litter.

How about the “Adopt a Highway” Campaign?  I also remember when that program started …it was novel.  I wondered who’s brainchild that was.  Turns out James Evans, an engineer for the Texas Department of Transportation, saw debris flying out of a pickup truck.  He knew the high cost of litter cleanup so reached out to local groups to sponsor cleaning sections of the highway in 1980.  Not that long ago!  It proved to be very successful and has been adopted by 49 states, Puerto Rico, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Japan.   One person really can make a difference.

While recycling has been done since 400 BC, it has been taken to an entirely different level in recent years.  Archaeological evidence indicates that glass from the imperial Byzantine times was being recycled in the ancient city of Sagalassos, located in current day Turkey.  There is also evidence that early Romans recycled bronze coins into statues that could be sold at a higher monetary value than the original coins.  In hard times (ex. wartime), metals from everything like jewelry and coins were being melted for weapons or other necessary goods. Pottery recycling operations have been uncovered as well. So while not a new concept, technology has advanced recycling to the point that many people have more in the recycling bin than the trash bin.

Seems many of us are paying attention to Mother Nature.  What are you doing to protect Her?



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