Happiness is a Choice … what do you choose?

Happiness is a Choice … what do you choose?

Building on the happiness quiz, I recently read an article alleging that happiness is a choice … a theory that I adopted years ago.  I have learned in my life that I have a choice about everything – REALLY!  Think about it!  We can choose how we react to any event.  It’s not the event that is good or bad, happy or sad, it’s how we react to the event that creates whichever.

Several years ago, at age 50, my husband of 25+ years passed away unexpectedly.  As I moved through the grieving process, I realized that I did have a choice re how I moved forward. I’d experienced a similar loss … my dad died at 50, a good friend at 52 … in both cases I watched family members become resentful, withdraw, become depressed.  Maybe because I had experiences with the loss of loved ones at a young age, I had some context.

These lessons played into my healing.  Through the process I began to examine how life going forward would be … happy or sad, resentful or calm, angry (sustained vs the anger stage) or peaceful.  What did I want?  How would I live the rest of my life?  One day, while at work, I was asked how I was.  I responded “great” … as I had prior to this loss.  In that moment, I made a conscious choice that I wanted to be GREAT … and realized that I had that choice.

This Is Scientific Proof That Happiness Is A Choice, by Carolyn Gregoire, the Huffington Post, offers insights into several researchers’ studies that link the choice for happiness to brain activity.  While there are a number of things we can do to generate genuine happiness, some of the choice has to do with brain patterns.   Check out the 8 ways you can control your happiness.  What will you choose to change?


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