Gma, I’ll miss you!

19-Girl and Helping HandThe comment by my grandson … how adorable is that?  Recently as I was putting this adorable (almost) 3 year old to bed he told me he wanted to sleep at my house.  Of course, I’ll make that happen soon.  And as I kissed him good night, he asked if I’d be staying at his house that night … probably because I’d brought my PJ’s so I could roll into bed when I got home.  I said, “no” that I had to be at a seminar early in the morning.  And then, in a very sad tone he said “I’ll miss you.”

I treasure these precious moments … at each phase of growth, grand kids are a gift.  However, the time between early language and about 4 years old are ever so precious.  Myles has difficulty with some initial consonants so some words are uttered with a unique pronunciation … I love it!  His Mom often asks him to say the word deliberately stressing the initial consonant.  As he is learning language, not yet pronouncing quite accurately, I often have to ask him to repeat (unless his older sister is close at hand … she interprets).  What strikes me continually is his patience.  No matter how many times I ask him to repeat, he does, willingly!

What a lesson for me!  His patience has made me realize how quickly I can become frustrated by little things.  This lesson in patience for me from an almost 3 year old translates to minimizing my frustration.  How can I be more tolerant when someone misses the point I am trying to make or one of my own kids disagrees with me or I fail to make it through the green traffic light.  I’ve become acutely aware of my impatience and reminded myself of the lesson from a 3 year old … it’s made a difference for me  What lesson might you learn from a toddler?  Grandkids are for lightness, love and lessons.  Funny how we expect to teach them and it is so many times the opposite.


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