Dance Walking

children playingRecently I had the task of completing a log of my clients for the 5 past years. Yes, I had been told to keep up the log so when it came time to submit it for a coaching credential, it would be ready. Well, I hate detail work and just kept saying… next Saturday and that day never came until 2 weeks ago. I was dreading the task and my coach suggested that my mood made a difference in getting through the tedious work. So, before I began, I looked at images of children playing, turned on music to match the playfulness and moved to the music a bit. It worked! I shifted my mood to a much lighter place (from dread to wonder). So with much greater ease, I spent about 15 hours over 2 days with the motivation of I wonder if I have reached the required number of hours. I’ve learned 2 important things: If I dread details then make it easy and keep up with that task and if I must take on such a task, shifting my mood will make it sooooo much more pleasant.


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