We had a Green Salad … and Revelations!

dinnerGuests at a dinner party I co-hosted recently, enjoyed a lovely setting (one of them took a picture), delicious food and best of all, fellowship.  The guests were members of my Rotary club that I see weekly.  As I pondered the “table conversation”, I wondered what I’d learn.  While I knew all the guests … and for several years … I realized that I did not know them well.  Here was my opportunity to get to know them at a deeper level.

I decided to pull out JICT Images to see what happened.  My co-host, Laurie, was very excited.  What was shared was amazing.  One of the guests, who I have known for a long time, revealed that social interactions were extremely challenging for him … I had assessed him to be very comfortable interacting … WRONG!  Without the image of the lone hawk circling in the deep blue sky, I doubt he would ever have shared that.

Images prompt understanding of each other.  They allow us to express things that might otherwise stay buried because the image taps into the emotional realm.  Images get to the heart of the matter.  Try it!



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