“Think Green”

greenWhat do you think when you hear “think green”?  Jot it down before you read on … and I’d love it if you would share it here!

Honestly, for me, when I hear, “think green”, I think ecology, recycling, environment!  The very next thing that comes for me is Irish, St. Patrick’s Day!  That is probably because I am of Irish heritage and with a name like McWilliams who married a Kelly … how could I not acknowledge the Irish?

This phrase made me ponder the impact of assessments.  “Think Green” is just one phrase that can be interpreted so many ways.  It may be associated with ENVY; green is said to be the color of jealousy.  How about “sickly”?  When we are on the verge of illness we are often said to “look green”.  Oh yes, and what about money?

These two words reminded me of how assessments can so get us in trouble.  While they are merely judgments, perceptions or assumptions, we so often hold them as fact,  I’m going to notice the simple phrases that seem to hold a truth for me and DECIDE if truth or not.


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