“Going Green”

31-Dark Lake

Ecology certainly comes to mind for many people in the green world.  Recycling has become very common in the last several years; not so many years ago it was sporadic at best, often inconvenient and many times dismissed as not necessary.  Once I recognized the impact on the environment of so much waste in landfills, recycling became a no-brainer.    My sister told me that I was one of the first people she knew that recycled (several years ago); my commitment influenced her to “go green”.

I remember when I learned about the need to reduce our waste; I was willing to consider how I could help that effort.  I was committed!  Images like “Dark Lake” remind me that I want my grandchildren to have the opportunity to enjoy this vista.  Preserving our earth requires attention to our environment.  Keeping things green just makes sense… so much of the natural state is green.

Grocery stores offer bins to recycle plastic bags (or don’t even use them), some retail outlets offer rewards for bringing your own reusable tote.  Some businesses are especially attentive to using biodegradable packaging; it breaks down naturally into organic components as a result of exposure to moisture, heat and naturally occurring micro-organisms.  Packaging made from plants can be turned into natural compost after use in just 12 weeks.   There is even a commitment on the part of many businesses to remodel or construct green facilities.  It is heartening that we finally have a shift in thinking to ‘going green”.   It makes me hopeful that my grandkids will be able to enjoy this vista and many more like it.


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