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Box ArrayJICT Images is mainly a “print-on-demand” product. This means when the product is ordered it is printed at that time versus a thousand sets of the image cards sitting in a warehouse somewhere. We searched for a printer that could do this for us. In 2010 when we began selling JICT Images kits and card sets it was a little more difficult to find a print-on-demand printer than it is now.  We did have to purchase a huge supply of boxes to hold the kit because a process to print boxes “on demand” was not available to us back then. We found located in our business home base and chose them because they could promise shipment within 2 days of an order being received. It served us because we didn’t have to pay for printing up front and because it just felt good to be green with our product. Carol, one of the creators of JICT Images also sells her book, 5 Life Energies: The Choice You Have in How Energy Shapes Your Life, via Amazon and their print-on-demand services. Share your story about going green.


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