The Broncos Go to the Super Bowl

indexI’m not a huge football fan… except when my team, the Broncos play. All season all the other fans and I have cheered them on hoping they would make it to the Super Bowl this time. Last year they lost in the first round of the playoffs with a “silly” mistake.

My thoughts today are for the quarterback, Payton Manning. Three years ago he had multiple surgeries on his neck and feared he would never play ball again AND his team let him go. Payton got his second chance with the Broncos and everyone has been routing for this “comeback” kid. After the championship game last Sunday, he was interviewed about the win. What touched me was that he said it was all about the team and went on to explain how he doesn’t do it alone. In every interview he shows that he is an humble man and you feel his gratitude for being on this team. Talk about a hero… I like one with heart!

So despite the hard loss this year, I support this humble man, with all my heart!


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