Connecting with my Truth

IMG_0445Eckhart Tolle says: “When you lose touch with your inner stillness you lose touch with yourself.” I discovered because of several days without my computer that I could use some of my time to reconnect with myself. Hello, I know how important this is and how it serves when I take time to just be still. Sometimes I rush so much through the day I put off making time for mediation. You can imagine (or have experienced?) what time is allowed for other things when the computer is not on your desk! I used some time each of the days… yes, days… to spend more time in simple meditation. Tolle is so correct in how this connects us with the “trusted source” within us. I do not allow this connection to the part of me that knows the truth for me when I am not “still” each and every day. What a gift a computer crash was for me!


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