Making Resolutions Stick

19-Girl and Helping Hand

Why is it so difficult to stick with New Year’s Resolutions? We generally pick a behavior to change – like going on a diet, starting an exercise program, meditating every day – try it for a few days or weeks and then fall back into our normal behaviors. We tend to focus on these behavior without paying attention to the attitude and the roots that make us act this way. In the past I have started out in January with great intentions to adopt a regular exercise regimen, but soon I am buying onto my excuses and the pull of my resolution loses steam.

Perhaps my resolution was just too big to expect a change and baby steps were more in order. Daniel E Gaines a newspaper journalist for the Frederick News Post shares some great insights into what it takes to stick to that resolution!  Check out this link to read what coaches say have to say.

Why is it we always focus on what to change as we enter a new year, rather than what we want to continue?


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