Intending Happiness for Others Always Serves


A man with ALS shares his view that making
others happy is what life is about!

We watched CBS Sunday Morning  today and I was brought to tears by one of the stories. Chris Rosati, a 42 year old man is in a wheelchair and has trouble speaking as he suffers with ALS.

He shared that he had a fantasy about “stealing” a Krispy Kream Donut truck so he could deliver free donuts to school kids. Krispy Kream saw his Facebook story about his fantasy, called him and offered to make his fantasy come true. The story showed him personally delivering thousands of donuts to businesses and finally his own high school.

The story ended with his comment that if life isn’t about making others happy, then what is it all worth. Wow, If this man can take action in this way, then those of us not suffering with a known terminal disease can easily do the same. The best part is that it was obvious how much happiness it brings one when in the act of making others happy.


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