“Heart of the Matter,” Personal Version

30-Kayaks on Shore

Where has the journey taken you so far? What surprises have there been along the way?  What part of the journey are you on?  What’s next?

For me the journey has taken me down paths NEVER imagined. I grew up the daughter of business owners and swore I would never own a business because…it interfered with summer fun, in my opinion, as a child. I’ve owned three businesses; image that!

The biggest surprise along the journey has been that I left my “roots” (New Jersey) and have lived in three other states. And there have been other surprises…my husband of 25 years passed away unexpectedly; I resigned a job without a job because I felt I no longer fit; I’ve dated in the later years … used to say I could never image that!

As far as what’s next…I’ve learned to set intentions, visualize what I want and take actions towards the goal. On the personal front, I share with everyone I know my interest in meeting someone to share life’s treasures. Professionally, I’ve envisioned making an impact that benefits students and teachers. At this point I’m open to what is next…I’ve let go of the how and am concentrating on the what…I know what that is!


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