“Heart of the Matter,” Family Version

8-Four Aces

At JICT Images we always talk about “getting to the heart of the matter.”  Images inspire unraveling’s! At a family Thanksgiving celebration, I pulled out our images, each person responded to the question posed for that image and unraveling’s began. What fun we had! The “heart of the matter” meant laughing together about past memories and it also meant revealing some dreams for the future.

It struck me that the conversation, with images in hand, was very different than the one we had around the table earlier which although interesting and thought provoking, was at a very different level. The combination of the images and questions led to learning about each other’s dreams and aspirations. It involved expressing fears and some regrets. And, it inspired sharing of poignant and joyful recollections from childhood, stories remembered, as though they happened yesterday, by one person and lots of “I don’t remember that” by others.

“Getting to the heart of the matter,” family version, meant engaging with each other about things that matter, sharing admiration and inspiration that had been overlooked and connecting at a level that deepened our understanding of each other. It revealed intentions for the future and unclaimed desires. The provocative question and the inspiration of an image created an evening of family fun and nostalgia…what a gift. How would “getting to the heart … of your family … matter” open up the doors for more intimate conversations?



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