“Heart of the Matter,” Broken Apart or Open to Possibilities?

broken_heart1I’ve followed and read the writings of Parker Palmer, founder of Center for Courage & Renewal, for a number of years. He takes pride (rightly so) in the work his small nonprofit has accomplished. He has trained facilitators across the United States, Canada and Australia and offered programs to people in the service professions to encourage them to “rejoin soul and role,” renewing their passion for their work, reclaiming its basic values and deepening their service to others.

Definitely “getting to the heart of the matter”… in fact he currently offers a series of workshops by that title. I was drawn to his concept of the heart breaking in two ways in a recent Facebook post. This podcast expands the concept; worth the time to listen. Is your heart broken apart, fragmented and shattered or it is open into greater capacity for your heart’s desire?


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